Patient Testimonials for the FemTouch and Accupulse laser treatments

We always interview or survey our patients just before and around a month after they come in. We love to hear the stories our patients share especially after their final treatment. Call today and talk to our staff if you think you could benefit from the FemTouch procedure!

"After having 10 children I had started to notice some vaginal symptoms and decided to give FemTouch a try. The biggest improvement in my daily life has been the vaginal itching. It was so uncomfortable everyday and nothing I did helped until FemTouch. Now the itching is gone. The best part of FemTouch was the enjoyment during intercourse again. The pain was all I thought about when we were intimate and now, after FemTouch, I can enjoy intercourse again. I was completely comfortable during and after the procedure. I had no side effects. Well worth the money."
“I am 25 years old and a mother to 3 kids. After having my kids and breastfeeding, I was having some issues with vaginal dryness, discomfort with intercourse and was leaking urine when I would cough, sneeze, laugh or play with my kids. After completing my three FemTouch treatments, I have noticed a tightening of my vagina and increased lubrication. The intimacy between my husband and I has increased. I am also no longer leaking urine!  I am so happy with my results from FemTouch.”
“Before FemTouch, I was having a hard time controlling my incontinence. I was wearing a pad all day, every day. Since completing the FemTouch procedure, my quality of life has immensely increased because I am no longer leaking urine. I only have to be aware of urge and I do not have to push a vacation off from embarrassment. I also had treatment done on my abdominal scar and it has improved so much.”
“I’m in my 50s and was experiencing vaginal dryness which was making intimacy painful and also leaking urine when I coughed. I had heard about FemTouch and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how painless the procedure was and how much the treatment helped me with my difficulties. The staff at Heartland Women’s Healthcare was wonderful!”
“I was about 10 years old and had an open surgery to find an appendix almost burst and had the incision closed with large clips that left a 13.5” scar on my lower abdomen that intended the midline scar. I had a hysterectomy in my late 40’s and they could only remove half of the scar because it was so large and would not heal well. I had 3 treatments of the Laser at Heartland Women’s Healthcare and my scar is no longer intended. The most surprising thing is that I had pulling and tugging feelings in the lower part of the scar which are now gone. The smooth and flat surface is a considerable change from my original scar.”
-Linda M.
“It is so nice not to worry every time I sneeze or have a good laugh. Prior to FemTouch that was the issue. Since having the FemTouch, I no longer have to even think about it. I also no longer have problems with vaginal dryness, which is common for women my age. I found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. I didn’t have to wait a long time in the waiting room. The procedure itself was quick and while there was at time some discomfort, it was not painful.”
"Dr. Peterson and her staff are awesome - highly recommended, not only for this treatment but also as a regular OB/GYN - very down to earth. Femtouch did give me tightness, which my partner noticed too, and it improved our intimacy. 3 Kids and menopause and just everything going south due to age, having this treatment made a noticeable difference. I experienced a tightening of vaginal wall, and have no leakage of urine. So far I am pleased with this treatment- and highly recommend it to others"
- Susan K.

***The above Patients names were changed for privacy

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