National Women's Health Checkup Day!

Its National Women’s Health Checkup Day!

Have you had a Well Woman Exam in the past year? If not, it is time to take charge of your health! Doing a Well Woman Exam is one of many things that you can do to keep yourself healthy. Your healthcare provider will review your history and ensure that you are up to date on recommended testing, screenings, and immunizations. The goal of regular health checks up are to find problems before they start!

Recommended health screenings depend on age, your past medical history and family history.

              -Breast Cancer Early Detection

              -Cervical Cancer Early Detection



              -Colorectal Cancer Screening

              -Blood pressure


              -Skin Cancer

              -Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections

At your appointment, it is important to review your medical history and family history. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have about your health. Have you noticed any lumps, bumps, or skin changes? Any pain, dizziness, fatigue, menstrual changes? Change in eating habits? Experiencing anxiety, depression, or sleeping issues?


Call to schedule for annual exam today! We are scheduling appointments for new and existing patients!